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View photos of the Hall of Laureates building

View photos of the newly-renovated World Food Prize Hall of Laureates building.

View the Gardens at the Hall of Laureates

Experience the grounds at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates.

View the construction of the Hall of Laureates

Construction highlights at the World Food Prize Norman E. Borlaug Hall of Laureates, which became open to the public starting in Spring 2012. For additional Hall of Laureates renovation construction photos, please click here.

View the Borlaug Ballroom

The Borlaug Ballroom, or the largest room in the Hall of Laureates, was transformed to honor Dr. Borlaug through its various elements. Ten ornamental bowls throughout the room represent the work for which the World Food Prize is awarded; One bowl remains empty to represent the ongoing, worldwide need to...

View the Rotunda

The rotunda, in which all visitors enter, holds a stained glass window that depicts a harvest family, grain sculptures, and lunette murals tracing Dr. Borlaug's life. The rotunda also contains the building's original stained-glass skylight, and quotes around the four sides of the rotunda that pertain to the purpose of...

View photos of the Ruan Laureate Room

The Ruan Laureate Room tells stories centered about the World Food Prize and the history of agriculture. A stained glass globe illustrates 12 areas where food production and agriculture originated. The large, central area is available for lectures and social events.

View highlights of the Iowa Gallery Room

The Iowa Gallery is located on the mezzanine level; This room functioned as the furnished art gallery of the historic Des Moines Public Library. Today, the gallery tells of the heritage and pride Iowa associates with its role "feeding the world".

View photos of the Founders Boardroom

The Founders Boardroom serves as a tribute honoring those who founded or significantly contributed to the World Food Prize and have played a key role in the organization's history.

Explore the Hall of Laureates Mezzanine Level

The mezzanine level is home to the Iowa Gallery as well as various artwork and furnishings.

View highlights of the Mural Room, Lower Level

View photos of "A Social History of Des Moines," a 360-degree, 1,091-square-foot mural located in the lower level of the Hall of Laureates, preserved by experts during the renovation process.
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